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Server Error: HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

You might have come across this error while working on a WCF project on Vista, IIS 7.0 with Visual Studio 2005. Actually Microsoft has tightened the security on VISTA and most of the time it is annoying when it asks your permission. Following is the detail error message I received while trying to run a WCF project, however I found a simple solution to fix it.

Server Error

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error
Description: The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.
Error Code: 0x80070005
Notification: BeginRequest
Module: IIS Web Core
Requested URL: http://localhost:80/ProductsService/ProductsService.svc
Physical Path: C:\Test\ProductsService\ProductsService\ProductsService.svc
Logon User: Not yet determined
Logon Method: Not yet determined
Handler: Not yet determined
Config Error: Cannot read configuration file
Config File: \\?\C:\Test\ProductsService\ProductsService\web.config
Config Source:
More Information...This error occurs when there is a problem reading the configuration file for the Web server or Web application. In some cases, the event logs may contain more information about what caused this error.

Server Version Information: Internet Information Services 7.0.

Solution: Compile the project and place the deployable files under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\<projectname>. Make sure that the physical path of the respective Application (e.g. ProductsService in above error case) under IIS now points to new path. 

It looks like that if you run your application under IIS 7 and the physical path of any application is other than wwwroot then it will give the above error message or you provide that folder some special permission so that IIS can access it.

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  • Chad

    6/14/2007 11:10:47 AM | Reply

    I got around this problem by making my virtual directory an ASP.NET application.

  • Wael Rabadi

    8/4/2007 12:25:18 PM | Reply

    Check the folder permission for \ASPNET and \IIS_IUSRS

  • Karina

    10/9/2007 4:50:16 PM | Reply

    I stumbled across a solution by sharing the folder, which creates a web.config file, and then set within that file.

  • inciph

    7/24/2008 6:53:24 AM | Reply

    I had this problem and it turned out to be a syntax error in my web.config file. (weird)

  • albertx20

    10/19/2008 2:57:22 AM | Reply

    Just give a \IIS_IUSRS folder  permission

  • fromturkey

    2/26/2009 8:54:49 PM | Reply

    you are great i love you all i gave all permission and it works

  • Hoodia

    7/14/2009 2:30:25 AM | Reply

    Good post, I will mention it on my blog.. Cheers

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  • mehdi

    12/23/2009 11:06:19 AM | Reply

    I can't see \ASPNET. I have \IIS_IUSRS

  • la quinta golf homes

    3/8/2010 3:14:35 AM | Reply

    I think I'm going to bookmark this site since it had all the information I was looking for.  Thanks so much to the owener.  Look forward to seeing you again sometime.

  • Joe Dardard

    4/1/2010 3:38:22 AM | Reply

    All the posts look great and offer unique solution -- except mine Smile I must be really jinxed. Anyone have any other ideas? I'm using Windows 7 and IIS 7, trying to develop a classic ASP site.

    I wonder if Geronomo had iphone with GPS...


  • Y.Muranaka

    5/9/2010 10:00:16 PM | Reply

    Hi Joe,
    You should add user IIS_IUSRS to target folder.
    And you may need to change 'Deny' to 'Allow' in applicationHost.config.
    I will give you my settings if you are still in your labyrinth, ask me not hesitate please.

    MacBookPro17,VMWare Fusion, Windows7 Ultimate, Visual Web Developer 2010

  • Joe Dardard

    5/22/2010 6:33:28 AM | Reply

    Thanks, all, for your kind attempts to assist in the solution to my 500.19 error. I don't think it was a permission issue. I've checked that area and found all to be OK. I now get only the code view when I preview my page in my browser. I would think I'm getting closer to the final solution, but I'm still stumped. Can any one help on this one?

    By the way, I've enjoyed reading all the wonderful posts. All are very informative. Great bunch of people...

    Joe Dardard

  • Ramon Mizrachi

    7/13/2010 9:22:20 AM | Reply

    I had the same issue installing a Smart Client app using WCF.  The problem was that although IIS was installed, and WCF were not turn on.

    I went to to modify windows features and enable them and now it works fine.


  • Angelos

    8/30/2010 6:37:05 AM | Reply

    Same with Ramon,

    i had the exact same 500.19 error and turned out that
    when IIS 7 was installed, ASP.NET feature wasnt selected.

    So IIS could server html or even flash objects
    but couldnt server .aspx

    So i did same thing with ramon, turned the feature on from the windows components and worked