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You may come across a situation where you might have to embed a static or Dynamic URL with a query string, it becomes tricky, here is the simple solution [More]

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Recently came across some issues while upgrading from Windows Server Domain Change with same TFS. Before that I had another issue from Visual Source Safe (VSS) 2005 to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (VSTFS) 2010. Found some workarounds and limitations. I am assuming you are using Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 [More]

Convert Number or Money in Words

Many times we come across the situation of converting a number spelled into words or a monetary value spelled into dollars & cents (or equivalent currency). I found the following code over internet and changed to fit my need (as we all do) and generalized in such a way that it can be used for either just convert a number to words or monetary value to words. You can add different country code if needed. [More]

What India gave to the World?

Just looking back and thinking as what India has given to the World. Looked around on internet and summarized some of the great contributions. Interestingly all of these contributions are ancient. Links provide more information on each contribution. Jai ho… [More]

Implementing WCF Service Part 6 – Using Fault @ Client

Ok, so you have developed a nice WCF Service with proper implementation of custom fault exception handling, now you want to call this service in a web application or other client application and catch the fault exception in your client code. For simplicity I am using a web page, the following code is self explanatory. [More]

Convert Array to Generic List

You can happily use .NET Generics in WCF Services. But when you will get the proxy of the respective service, these generics will get converted into Array, even you are using .NET to develop the client application. So now the question is how I should get back from Array to Generic List again. [More]