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Code Review Template

It has been always a challenge in a development team to come up with a Standard Code Review Template for .NET. I struggled with the same issue and hence researched on the web to find out some code review guidelines which can help each developer and development team to evaluate those important criteria for a better development practice. This template also provides some important links to a developer to follow as a set of guidelines based on standard practices. [More]

Log SQL Connections and Locks

You might have come across situation when you wanted to log SQL Connections and Locks for a particular day or period. In the following example, by using two tables and one stored procedure, you can log these activities and analyze at a later time. This stored procedure can be turned into a SQL Job for any given interval so that you do not have to manually run it. [More]

Server Error: HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

You might have come across this error while working on a WCF project on Vista, IIS 7.0 with Visual Studio 2005. Actually Microsoft has tightened the security on VISTA and most of the time it is annoying when it asks your permission. Following is the detail error message I received while trying to run a WCF project, however I found a simple solution to fix it. [More]

AJAX Error: 'Sys' is undefined

If you are using AJAX enabled web site or project, you may come across this error message. I got this error message too and spent few hours to fix this problem. I tried finding all possible solutions on Google and finally concluded with following three steps. [More]

ADO.NET – Best Practices for Data Access

This article will first talk about top 5 best practices you should use while accessing database and then demonstrate how to properly use SqlConnection, SqlCommand and SqlDataAdapter objects while working with data using stored procedure or inline SQL for optimal performance.

XML String, Dataset and Class Manipulation

I have written some useful ready to use functions in a Helper Class which can be used in XML string manipulation. These functions include following abilities :

Get XML data string from/to a class

Set/Remove CDATA in XML String

Clear All/Limited Special Characters from XML string

Set/Remove Root Node to XML String

Get Inner XML/Text on Relative Path

Get XML Document to/from an object

Get Custom Dataset from/to XML string


Dynamic Gridview Generation at run time

In this example, a Gridview is generated at run time with customer list with bound field columns. It also creates a HTML table dynamically. Most of the properties can be easily controlled at run time. I am using Customer Business Object which I created for my earlier posts. [More]

Error : Internet Explorer cannot download ...

If you see Error message : Internet Explorer cannot download "filename" from "Servername"
Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site.
The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again

Then, this error usually occurs sometime while downloading a document which can be in form of PDF file, Doc file, XLS or text file. There are at least 4 possible reasons which can cause this error. I have also found their solutions. My assumption is - you are running your web site on IIS. [More]

IIS 6 File Upload/Download Issue

When trying to upload files over 200KB on IIS 6 the file may never upload and you either get an error or are sent to a blank screen. By default Windows 2003 server limits file uploads to about 200KB in size. To overcome this limit you must edit the IIS metabase.xml file.